Responsible Gambling

Gambling has always been popular. People from all over the world flock to Las Vegas in hopes of hitting it big. And with the boom of online gambling, players who wouldn’t have the chance to experience the thrill of gambling can experience it from the comfort of their own homes. It’s easy to see why gambling is such a big draw. It’s exciting and thrilling and comes with the chance of winning life changing money. That’s what every players hopes to achieve. Whether it’s spinning on a slot machine or playing blackjack, roulette, craps or poker. All players dream of hitting it big and having their life change in an instant. But in that haste to hit it big and win life changing money, a lot of players get lost and end up causing themselves more harm than they initially intended to. So today, we’re going to take a look at the importance of gambling and playing responsibly. It’s a must for any player as it allows you to enjoy gambling for what it’s meant to be intended for - and that is entertainment. So let’s dive in…

The Importance of Playing Responsibly

Gambling is meant to be entertainment. It is not - we repeat - not a way to earn a living. But sometimes that is a hard notion for players to wrap their head around. They see the chance at winning it big as a last ditch effort or a way to an easier life. But that’s not how it works. The phrase “the house always wins” isn’t just something people say. It comes from truth. Casinos have built in edges on ALL the games the offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a slot or blackjack or roulette or craps, players will always be at a disadvantage. As we all know, it’s not impossible to win at a casino, but if you plan on making a living out of gambling then you’re going to be in for a rude awakening.

As we said, gambling is entertainment and should be treated as such. If you put all your hopes and prayers into winning big, the odds are it’s not going to work out. And that’s where the importance of playing responsibly comes into play. So what does playing responsibly look like? We have a few tips and helpful guides that will give players the knowledge they need to play responsibly.

  • Set Limits

This is one of the biggest things players need to do in order to achieve the “playing responsibly” moniker. So what does setting limits mean? it’s all about what you’re depositing into your bankroll. Give yourself a limit - let’s say $100 - and stick to that. So no matter what you play - slots or table games - whenever that $100 is gone, your session should be over as well. We’re not saying that you’re automatically going to lose that initial deposit. You could win! But if you hit a bad luck streak, you have no know when to walk away. That’s why setting limits for yourself is crucial. If you have more funds to play with then your limit can be higher, but no matter how much you can afford to deposit, setting a limit is a must for any responsible gambling session.

  • Never Bet More Than You Can Afford To Lose

This goes hand in hand with setting limits for yourself. Remember, the odds are that you’re going to lose while playing in a casino. That’s why it’s crucial that if you do indeed lose, you can leave the casino with nothing more than a little disappointment. If your losses mean you’re facing debt or having to take moment from somewhere - or someone - else, you’re going to be in a deeper hole than you should be. If losing money at a casino puts you in a financially tough spot, then you can’t afford to lose it. That’s why you should walk away when your initial limit is used up.

  • Never Chase Your Losses

This may be the most crucial aspect of playing responsibly. It’s easy to think that you can win back your losses with just one lucky spin or a hot streak at the table. And sure, that COULD happen, but the odds of it happening are extremely low. It’s much easier to accept the fact you’ve lost $100 than it is to accept the fact you’ve lost $1000. It’s so easy to start down a path of chasing losses and look up and find yourself 5, 10, 20, 100 times more in the hole than you started. That’s going to cause a ripple effect and have you scrambling to try and right the ship. But you’ll just end up digging yourself a deeper and deeper hole. Sometimes the best thing to do is take the loss and walk away.

  • Know When To Walk Away

This is important and is true for both wins and losses. If you hit a lucky streak or hit a big spin on a slot and suddenly find yourself up, take the win and walk away. It’s to think you did it once you can do it again. But more times than not your wins will be gone as quickly as you got them. Remember, wins mean PROFIT. There’s nothing wrong with taking any type of profit and walking away a winner. And the same goes for losses. You have to know when to stop. Because as we mentioned earlier, the more you go the more chances and more likely it is that you’re going to lose everything in your bankroll and then find yourself in a deep hole. There’s nothing wrong with taking your losses and living to see another day.

Playing responsibly means a lot more than making sure your bankroll is in good shape. Gambling can bring with it a swift change in emotions. At one point you’re riding high after a string of wins and sitting on a healthy profit. The next, you’re sweating it out and seeing all your profits gone and your bankroll nearing zero. That’s why you should never play emotionally. If you’re on a hot streak, never play with no cares in the world or with the feeling that you can’t lose. Because you can - and probably will. Take your wins and take the victory. Because if you play free and wild you will end up paying for it in the end.

And the same thing goes for the opposite end. Never play angry after a serious of bad luck. You’re going to be pouring more and more money into your bankroll and there’s a good chance you’ll keep losing. That anger will take charge and you’ll suddenly feel a lot worse than you did when your session started. Relax, remember that gambling is meant to be entertainment and if it’s not working out for you then that’s okay. You had fun and it’s time to end your session.

It’s easy to let your emotions get the best of you. Seeing your bankroll or profits dwindle away can lead to some serious emotional damage. Players can become depressed and turn to unhealthy habits to help cope. Players can quickly find themselves isolated from friends and family as well. Relationships can be damaged and players can feel the ill effects for years to come. So while playing irresponsibly can lead to financial issues, it can lead to emotional issues as well. That’s why playing RESPONSIBLY is paramount for anyone who is thinking of getting into gambling.

Resources and Support for Responsible Gambling

It may feel like there is no help out there for players struggling with playing and gambling responsibly. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a multitude of resources and support for players looking for help. First off, there’s no shame in asking for help. That’s something every player should know. If you feel like you need help with gambling responsibly, there are tools and resources out there for you to take advantage of. Let’s take a closer look at some of them now…

  • Friends and Family

This is a form or support that every player has. Your friends and family will be the first ones you should turn to. They can help you manage your issues and any negative or bar habits you are forming. They’ll be honest with you and straightforward and give you that tough love that you need to break bad habits. Like we said, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. And the first ones you should look to are your friends and family.

  • National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG)

The National Council on Problem Gambling - or the NCPG - is a national organization that helps players deal with problems that come from gambling. Players will most likely be familiar with their phone number - 1- 800 - GAMBLER - as it’s one of the most well know resources for players out there. The helpline is just that - a way to get help with any problems that come from gambling. The NCPG also offers screening tools and educational services so players can better educate themselves is proper gambling methods, responsible gambling and anything else that may arise from gambling.

  • Gamblers Anonymous

Another well known organization, Gamblers Anonymous is a support group where players with gambling addictions or who have suffered hardships due to problems gambling can meet in a group setting. They can share their stories, offer help to each other and come away knowing that they aren’t alone when it comes to issues like this. Gambler Anonymous is a great tool for anyone looking to find help with their gambling issues.

  • GamTalk

GamTalk is an online forum where players can chat and offer support and help to each other. This is a great way to find the help you need if the friends and family option isn’t there for you or if there is no Gamblers Anonymous near you. GamTalk is a group of real players just like you who have gone through the same troubles you have. No one knows what it’s like to have a gambling problem unless you’ve have one yourself. That’s why GamTalk is one of the best tools out there for anyone needed that help.

  • Yourself

That’s right. Sometimes the only person who can help you is yourself. You have to be able to listen to yourself and teach yourself when to walk away. As we mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to think you can win back losses - or that your hot streak will never end. But as we’ve all found out, that’s never the case. It’s when we allow ourselves to think otherwise that we get into trouble. Remember, gambling is entertainment and should be seen as that. You never want to find yourself needed resources like this. But if you do, know that they are out there for you to take advantage of.

Policies Adopted by Casinos to Promote Responsible Gambling

Some players might think casinos don’t want to promote responsible gambling. That they would prefer players keep spending money left and right. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because the ‘house always wins’, that doesn’t mean casino don’t want to look out for their players. Casinos want to take care of their players. If not, players are going to stop coming back. The happier a player is and the more they know that a casino is looking out for them and offering them all the necessary tools they need to gamble responsibly, the more likely that it is they will keep playing.

So what are some of these ways casinos promote responsible gambling? Well, it depends on whether or not we’re talking about a land based casino or an online casino. Let’s first take a look at land based casinos…

  • Land Based Casinos

A lot of land based casinos will have partnerships with organizations like the NCPG or Gamblers Anonymous. They’ll offer information on meetings or groups that players can take advantage of as well, making sure that players can find all the support they need.

Another way land based casinos are promoting responsible gambling is by telling players the odds of the games they are playing once they sit down at the table. This is a new practice and one meant to make players aware of the house edge and that they aren’t guaranteed any sort of win. The thought process behind this is that if players are aware of the odds and the house edge, they’ll be more inclined to limit their playing time and thus, be practicing responsible gambling.

Land Based casino are known for their strict security and numerous security cameras. Normally, this is to prevent anyone from cheating, but they are always to detect players with bad tendencies. If a casino notices a player is continually taking out money - and continuing to lose - they will take measures to protect that player from themselves. That may include stopping them from playing games or not allowing them to take out money. It may sound harsh but it’s all to protect the player and to steer them into more of a responsible gambling habit.

  • Online Casinos

Online casinos offer the thrill and excitement of gambling from the comfort of your own home. These casinos have revolutionized the way players gamble and play. However, there’s an ugly side to online casinos and that’s because unlike land based casinos, they have no one watching players. It’s all up to the player themselves to practice responsible gambling. And when they’re left to their own, some players will fall prey to the bad habits.

But it’s not all hopeless. Legitimate online casinos will offer plenty of tools and resources for players when it comes to responsible gambling. And it’s always found at the bottom of the page in their “Responsible Gambling” page. Every online casino will be different in how they approach this, but most common are the following…

First, players will see a list of questions. They may be things like “Do you gamble to escape from a boring or unhappy life?” or “Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies because of your gambling?” If players answer yes to one or more of these questions, they will be directed to a variety of websites and phone numbers for organizations dedicated to helping and assisting players with gambling issues. These tools are always free and come with 24/7 hotlines and customer support so that players never have to wait in order to get help.

If players feel as if they can control things themselves, they have options there as well. Online casinos will always - and if they don’t, you shouldn’t be playing there - give players the choice of either taking a break or stopping all together. If they choose to “Take a Break”, their account will be shut down for a period of time - however long you determine you want it to be shut down for. The online casino’s customer support will lock you out of your account and prevent you from creating a new one under a different name. This is meant to give players a break so that they don’t allow themselves to run up big debts. Once the determined timeframe has ended, players will be allowed back into their accounts. There are no limits on how many times you can ‘take a break’, so if you feel yourself slipping back into irresponsible gambling habits, you can contact the online casino’s customer support and they will assist you.

If you feel like things are getting to difficult for you to handle, you can choose to have your account shut down permanently. You go about it the same way you would if you wanted to ‘take a break’ and contact the online casino’s customer support. They will then permanently shut down your account and any attempt to set up another one using the same computer will be denied and unsuccessful.

Online casinos also have strict rules for setting up accounts too. Players need to prove they have the proper ID and are of the correct age. This is all to deter younger players from starting an account and playing with money or funds that may not be able to afford playing with.


Gambling is becoming more mainstream and a more acceptable form of entertainment by the day. It used to be seen as a bad habit or vice. But it’s quickly growing in popularity and becoming more popular by the day. And when players gamble responsibly, they are experiencing everything gambling has to offer. The thrills, the excitement and most of all - the fun. And that’s what gambling should be - fun and entertaining. And when players exercise responsible gambling, they’re going to allow themselves to experience all the good that gambling has to offer.

So the next time you’re ready to start a session, remember to exercise good gambling habits by setting yourself limits, never betting more than you can afford to lose, never chasing losses and knowing when to walk away - with profit or tough losses. Always remember that you are not alone and that if you need help curbing some bad habits, there are plenty of resources and support groups out there for you to take advantage of.

And use the help the casinos themselves offer. They want players to be happy and enjoy their experience gambling so that they return to the casino. So they will offer players all sorts of resources they can use to help maintain a responsible gambling routine.

Remember, gambling is entertainment. We’ve said that so many times but it’s true. Gambling shouldn’t be seen as a way to make a living or make a quick buck. Sure, you may get lucky here and there, but remember, the “house always wins”. So do yourself a favor and practice responsible gambling so that you can enjoy all the excitement and fun gambling has to offer.